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Producers Coal is located in United States and governed by Rule of Law. We have reliable infrastructure in place. We are privately held and are not subject to the threats of the stock market like a publicly held company. We do not have high cost production and legacy cost. The bottom line is our track record and reputation with our quality delivered product to our end users. Producers Coal Performs.

Purchasing Agents:

  • Domestic Utility: purchasing agent looking to purchase coal direct from producer.
  • International Utility: purchasing agent looking to purchase coal direct from U.S producer.
  • Steel Company: purchasing agent sourcing PCI coal.

Coal Producers: Looking for a place to sell their coal, financing to expand or wanting to sell their operation.

International Traders: Looking for a throughput agreement, storage or someone to source coal.

Private Equity: Group looking to invest in natural resources or infrastructure along side and established management team.

Producers Coal is engaged in all aspects of coal production and logistics to bring the coal from the ground to the end user. We have mining, trucking, storage, trans loading dock, and barging transportation logistics necessary to bring the coal from the Central Appalachian region to the gulf of Mexico. We can also load unit trains on the CSX Railroad.

Independent Producers: Producers self performs all functions within the mining chain, however we have a special niche with independent mid size producers. Over the last thirty years our principles have established a track record of working with independent producers in bringing their product to market. We sell NYMEX quality coal to domestic and international markets by barge and rail. In 2011 we were the number two volume dock on the river and number one during 2012 & 2013.

International Traders - We offer coal sourcing, long-term storage and joint venture development opportunities for international traders.

Capital Investments - We have and will provide financing for expansion of coal production. We offer an established market for you to move your production on the spot market or assist in locking in term agreements.